Signage Tools

Innovative tools to help your signage business

Are you pricing your jobs to cheap? Or unsure what you should be charging?

Do you know where you are making money and where you are loosing it?

We have written a series of algorithms based around some of the most common letter fabrication techniques. To not only help you price your jobs faster and with more accuracy, but also give you a more comprehensive industry forecast.

  • Material quantities
  • Labour & machining times
  • Step by step production processes

Whether you are just starting out and are wondering how the bigger shops do it, or you are a seasoned professional wanting to price check. We can help!

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Rates Setup

Sign Sums offers you the ability to quickly generate an estimate on fabricated letters utilising your own shop rates, machine speeds & material costs, and then apply them against industry averages.

Coil Edge Lettering

Pre coated aluminium coil teamed up with a letter bending machine is undoubtedly the fastest way to fabricate 3D channel letters, end to end. This doesn’t mean you should be charging less.

Aluminium Lettering

Aluminium fabricated letters whether formed by hand or with a letter bender, will always be the go to for long term structural letters. Our tool helps streamline the material and labour workflow.

Acrylic Lettering

Acrylic fabricated letters are still the prefferd method of fabrication for many sign shops due to the ease of use, LED lighting capabilities and wide availability of acrylic colours and weights.